Fishing Made Simple & Easy with Soft Plastic Lures

To experience a successful fishing trip you need to be sure you have all the right gear for catching fish. One of the essential pieces of equipment are definitely the lures. They are available in so many different sizes, types and brands so it can be difficult to choose the right one, especially if you do not have any experience in this. For a beginner, soft plastic lures are a better choice compared to hard bodied lures or hard baits. The evolution of this type of lures has advanced with technology and along with fishing popularity. When fishing with soft plastic lures you have better chances for fish to bait as it feels as natural to them.

Today, you can find an extended paddle tail lure range where each piece is created to mimic the shape of the worm, grub, crafwish, baitfish, lizard or insect type. They feature specific colours, flavours and metal flakes so they can look and feel as real as possible. This range of paddle tail lure combine the proven fish-catching actions with the body shape and profile of large shrimp or live prawn thus providing an ultimate attack response trigger. There are a colour and size of lures that are suitable for every sportfish swimming in Australian waters. In addition, let’s take a look at some of the most common plastic lures used among the anglers.

Soft Plastic Lures


The invention of the plastic worms helped the creation of other soft plastic baits such as jerk, grubs, tubes, baitfish, crawfish all developed based on the introduction of the plastic worm technology. Soft plastic worms come in different sizes from few cm for panfish and trout up to 30 cm for muskie and bass and pike. Also, there are tens of thousands of colours and scent combinations all made with a most realistic texture which provides sensations when the worm is moved in the water.


This lure can be found in colours and sizes that mimic feeder fish. Before you buy this lure for your next fishing trip, make sure to determine which baitfish exist in the water first and according this select a colour and profile size to match. Some plastic baitfish have a walking tail that wiggles while other come with curly and forked tails that give them swimming action making them very realistic.


These lures are available from craw tailers to the highly to the highly detailed pinchers, legs, abdomen, antennae, and tail. They can be deadly on the basis when used along bottom areas where there are a lot of rocks. However, the main feature of this lures is the pinchers that give the bide more realistic posture when tipped on a jig.


Fishing with grubs has been favourite among fishermen for a long time. These lures are made of soft plastic with round body, either smooth ribbed or ringed combined with double curly tail, single tail, straight tail or paddle tail all suitable for various actions. Grubs are available in different lengths from 3cm to 30cm and many different colour combinations.


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