Fishing Videos Online – a Good Way to Learn Tips and Tricks

Fishing is boring. Well, it was not until my friend Fred called me on his fishing trip. Honestly, I was amazed how fun fishing can be, and that’s not all. When I get into things, I go all the way, meaning I research everything. I watched more than 50 fishing videos online to learn tricks, which equipment to buy and see some of the lols along the way. So, if you are new to fishing and want to know which things to do and which fishing videos online to watch, then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Fishing Videos Online


On the market, there are various types of equipment, but thankfully through watching fishing videos online, I have found the most standard equipment in Australia. The first is the Shimano Cumara, which is a good quality rod, and the most popular model is the IM-10 model which is an ultra-light and sensitive rod that can detect even the smallest nibbles. Another thing to mention is the Baitcaster Curado Reel. This a reel that is mostly used by the professional fishermen. Yet, I as a newbie had no problem getting used to it and handling it as a pro myself. The Curado baitcasting reel is smoother and long-lasting than any other model on the market. You do not need much effort to handle the reel, offering you a lot of comforts while handling it with your hands. Last but not least is the Brutas pliers. This is a must-have accessory that is made from 2 long nose pliers and a 7-inch cutter that is perfect for filleting the fish when you catch one.

Tips and Tricks

Another thing that I learnt was a lot of tips and trick while fishing. When picking the right bait, there is not a perfect solution, because not all fish are alike. For that reason, you will need to purchase separate baits for the specific fish. The thing is you will need to do research, the place you are planning to fish. See online what types of fish are there, what baits work most, how is the weather going to be and other stuff. There are countless videos, where amateurs and professionals guide you to the specific area and tell you all the tips and hidden tricks of that particular location.


One of the most exciting parts of watching fishing videos online are the laughs. Yes, there are tonnes of them, watching fish get away, boats turn, people sleep and fall – simply funny! I cannot get enough, whether I am at home doing nothing or taking a break at work, I watch funny fishing videos to make my day better. There are a lot of celebrities that have fishing videos, and sometimes you can see some seriously funny stuff, and learn their darkest most entertaining secrets!


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