Spearfishing: What Should Spear Packs Consist of?

If you are new to spear fishing then you’ve entered into a sport that is fun, exciting and quite popular around the world. Generally, this sport attracts many enthusiast, where the majority of them has the pleasure of catching their meal themselves. However, it also offers the chance to fish at local and a national level and representing Australia in World Championships.


Australian water offer one of the best spear fishing in the world, where people master techniques a deal with problems posed by the water, tides and the visibility. To make your adventure easy and secure, bellow we will go through the things you need to own before you go spear fishing. Essential spear pack is made from mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, weight belt, spear gun, knife and fish keep. There are other extra equipment you can buy, but it really depends on your budget.

The Mask

Currently, manufacturers create low volume mask that fit directly on the face and create good field of vision. If you are breath-hold diver then this mask is perfect for you. Always look for a mask that gives you comfort while wearing it and straightforward access to the nose, so you can easily clean your ears.

The Fins

A big and strong fin is crucial for spear fishing, where a powerful fin will give you the need speed and the possibility to cope with strong tides. The ocean can be treacherous, so it is impertive to have the strongest fin. Fins, in general are produced with shoe type fitting or they go with a comfortable accessory that goes directly on the foot.

The Snorkel

To breathe under the sea you will need a snorkel. It is a big bore that can be from 2cm up to 2meter to have a more effective breathing. The mouthpieces is the most important part that should feel comfortable and effective. This is one of the most essential part of the spear pack.

The Wetsuit

The reason why water-sports are getting more popular is the wet suit. It can be said that spear fishing can be very dangerous and really unpleasant if you do not use one. In general, spear fishing can last up to 6 hours, so your body needs to be protected. The wetsuit will offer that protection, from dangerous organisms, to offering the body enough space so it “breathe”.

The Spear Gun

Lastly, the most important accessory of spear fishing – the spear gun. The newest spear gun, comes with all the newest perks of technology, but it needs to be used with care because it can be very dangerous. There are certain laws, that prohibit walking around with loaded spear gun. Make sure to always unload before leaving the water. Never point it at anyone and be extra careful when firing it in a murky water, because you can hit someone by accident.


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