Reasons Why To Watch Fishing TV

Fishing is my way to get away from my troubles. Well, honestly I don’t have them so much, but everybody needs to escape into a quiet and relaxing place. I’ve been fishing for more than three years and without a doubt I can tell you that it has helped me. The interesting way that I learned how to become an anglers is by watching shows for fishing on TV, amazing isn’t it? I know that there are a lot of stupidity these days on TV but fishing caught my eye.

Fishing On Tv

The first thing I learned, what type of equipment to buy. On the market there are dozens of suppliers with different prices and brand. At first, because I was a newbie I didn’t went with the most expensive fishing rod. In reality, I am clumsy so there is no need to spend my money in vain, as a beginner. And it paid off, after my second trip I broke it so I bought a new.

Another thing that I learned while watching shows on fishing on TV was which type of bait to use where. I even went online to find the right baits that are needed for certain fishing areas in Australia. There are a lot of them, and thanks to the video I saved a lot of money (was going to buy a bait that is not used in Australia LOL).

Today, I can say that I’ve reached the skills of a good anglers, yet I am far away from reaching professional levels. Honestly, that is not my goal, I do this because of fun and relaxation. On the other hand, if you are a professional, by watching fishing shows you can learn new stuff and hear different experiences in areas that there are competitions. One of my friends who went on a professional levels, thanks to these videos won the first prize! We celebrated, by eating fish and chips (long live the queen!).

Like I said before, even if you are an experienced anglers, by watching fishing shows you will stay up-to-date with the newst techniques, equipment and baits so you can be more succesful when fishing. Thanks to them you will know what brands to invest in, what baits to use in specific areas and even see some Lols on the little screen by those funny and comedic moments that are captured on camera while fishing.


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