Fishing Lines Pave the Way for a Successful Fishing Day

Using the right fishing line can mean the difference between a successful fishing day and a bad one with barely any fish caught. It’s essential for properly casting your lures or live bait which is the first step to attracting fish and having a successful catch. This means that the fishing line is one of the most important pieces of fishing equipment alongside reels and rods. These days fisherman can choose between three main types including braided, fluorocarbon and monofilament fishing line. First you should know that braids and monofilament are designed to float, while fluorocarbon sinks into the water. Continue reading

funny fishing

Funny Fishing Videos – A Great Way to Improve your Skills

funny fishing

Fishing, one of the most relaxing and mind cleansing sport. However, becoming a real fisherman is not an easy task, especially if you are new to this. If you think that buying a fishing rod and throwing it into the water will make you a fisherman, you are completely wrong.

You can learn how to fish in many ways, like for example, going on fishing trips with someone more experienced than you and hanging with experienced anglers will surely help you understand the basics. However, not all of us know someone close that is skilled in fishing, fortunately, we are living in an era where everything is possible. There are lots of books, TV shows and fishing videos from which you can improve your fishing skills and become a professional angler. Continue reading


Beyond a Good Laugh: Watch Fishing Bloopers and Learn What Not to Do

Beautiful sceneries, fun adventures, great exercise and of course the thrill of catching all kids of fish are just some of the things that come to mind when thinking about fishing. If you are as passionate about fishing as I am you know that this amazing outdoor activity offers the best of both worlds- you get to explore nature while enjoying in your fun hobby. Well to be honest for me fishing is much more than a hobby it really a great lifestyle that gives me the opportunity to distance myself from today’s hassle of modern living and spend some spend some quality time with my friends who luckily enjoy fishing as much as I do. Being a big fishing enthusiast I’m always on the look for some new methods that can help me improve my skills and learn some new fishing techniques. So the other day when searching the internet form some new tips I stumbled upon some hilarious fishing bloopers that had me laughing for hours. Well watching these videos reminded me some funny accidents I’ve had while fishing. Besides being very entertaining fishing bloopers are full of tips on what you shouldn’t do when fishing. These bloopers show that something unplanned can happen to both beginners and experienced fisherman and can learn a lot of from their unfortunate yet entertaining incidents that were caught on camera at just the right moment. Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Fishing Challenge

Lately, more and more fishermen are participating in fishing challenge Australia wide. The reason is mostly because it gives them a great chance to improve and show their skill and knowledge with fishing.

If you too are considering signing up for a fishing challenge, it’s important that you get well-prepared because even the smallest detail can be the difference between winning or finishing with the last ones. Fishing challenge Australia experts highlight that when you take the time to ensure all details are covered, this increases your chances to be the one who finishes with the prize. Here are some of the things you will have to do when preparing for a fishing challenge. Continue reading

How to succeed in Fishing Australia wide


U DO? Then welcome to Fishing, one of the best experiences Australia has to offer.

I am so tired sometimes from the urban life, all the noise and troubles that I Just want to go fishing. Yet, a lot of people think that fishing is dull and boring – and they are dead wrong about it. Whenever you want to go fishing Australia has beautiful lakes and ocean spots to fish in. Remember, you are doing this for relaxation, yet other people are competitive and do it for the trophies. Every fisherman goes through the same phase. At first, you enjoy it as a way to relax, then they want to catch the biggest fish from them all and enter competitions. Continue reading

Fishing TV

Fishing TV Videos Can Help You Improve Your Fishing Skills

With so many friends around you who enjoy fishing, some of them more professionally and some just recreationally, you also gained a desire to try your skills in this popular outdoor activity. When watching how other people are catching fish it looks like the most simple and easy thing, but actually is much more than that. First of all, require knowledge. Fishing is more than just standing by the river and waiting for the fish to bite the lure. Continue reading

Fishing Competitions

How to Win a Fishing Competition in Australia

There is no relaxing hobby as fishing, however, a lot of people see it as a competitive sport – which in fact it is. From getting that vitamin D up to relaxing your nerves, fishing is true gift from God. However, there are a lot of people are highly competitive, thus there are so many fishing competitions Australia wide, but before you enter one you need to find all the facts on how to win it.

Fishing Competitions

Just like pokemon, you gotta catch them all, the biggest of course so your mates appreciate your fishing skills. Even though it is just a sport, for some people is passion, rising their adrenaline, making them happy along the way. There are different types of fishing competitions Australia wide, for every type, biggest fish, the most fish caught, the rare catch and much more.
Nevertheless there are some thing you should have in mind if you have the burning desire to bring a shiny trophy home. Continue reading